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Next Generation Interval Timer

Interval training, one of the most proven effective exercise methodologies, consists of rounds or work and rest, precisely timed. WOD Timer is the premiere interval timer app available for your iPhone for conducting simple to complex interval workouts, complete with features to help you execute an interval workout with ease.

WOD Timer is Perfect For

Crossfit Sprinting HIIT
Intervals Boxing Drills
Martial Arts Grappling Yoga
Gymnastics Flexibility Breathing
Cardio Running Rowing

Why Interval Training?

There are a several key benefits of interval training. As mentioned above, a great benefit is the time required for a HIIT session. Generally HIIT workouts are quite short. This is primarily because the high amount of effort required to perform the work intervals and being unable to sustain the work-rest periods for a long time.

HIIT is incredibly effective. Short HIIT sessions can be as effective, if not more effective than more moderate endurance workouts lasting many times longer.

HIIT burns fat more effectively than longer endurance exercises and causes continued fat burning for long after the workout due to the high intensity causing an increase in resting metabolic rate.

HIIT is also capable of increasing the efficacy of maximal oxygen consumption (VO2Max) and increasing athletic performance. Important to both people interested in weight loss and or muscle building - HIIT exercise tends to target the burning of fat over muscle. Long endurance activities, on the contrary, will cause muscle loss.

Use WOD Timer on the iPhone, iPod Touch, or on your PC or Mac as your personal interval timer and take your HIIT training to the next level!

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